Thanks for your interest in UX San Antonio! 

We are an active part of the User Experience community, a group of people who work or are interested in human-centered design, making life better for humans, and including as many humans as we can with equitable access to work and play and a good life. 

When an event is recorded, we share the images, content, or recordings. 

This means UXSA leaders and participants do not defame others or infringe on copyrighted branding and content. Not all events are recorded, so options exist for those who prefer anonymity online. In addition, Fiesta for the Mind, dba UX San Antonio (FFTM) may use event recordings and social media to promote future events or share a recording of this event. 

We respect others, their boundaries, and their dignity. 

This means we welcome diversity and gain strength from the sharing of ideas and perspectives. We work in English, and we respect the challenges that come with working and learning in a second language. When we respect others, we listen and offer any disagreement respectfully.

We do not use derogatory language. 

This means it is not okay to attack, diminish, or humiliate others. If you are not sure a word or statement is derogatory, do not use it until you validate its use. 

We strive to be a place where people connect, learn, and grow. 

This means we do not harass anyone for any reason. We intentionally work to be a place for people to ask “silly” or “risky” questions. Please respect this safe place when you consider sharing content, especially when we are exploring sensitive subjects like diversity, inclusion, equity, bias, soft skills, and how to succeed as user experience professionals or as human beings in a complex world.  

We respect and appreciate our volunteers in a mutually beneficial relationship. 

This means we invite collaborations and contributions and we respect and value our volunteers’ time, energy, and other resources. And, when a volunteer needs to step away from serving, this is expected to be done considerately and with communication. 

When negative stuff happens.

If you ever feel harassed for any reason, ask that person to stop. That individual should stop immediately. If the individual does not, contact Cherri Pitts at or Adrienne Palmer at

If you have any concerns about your experience volunteering or participating, please contact Cherri Pitts at


We relied on several references and resources for this content, including the Mission-UX code of conduct, the TEDx code of conduct, the Ubuntu community code of conduct, and the behavior guidelines