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Adrienne Palmer


Soft Skills for the Job Hunt

Learning as we go, we’ve discovered a fun way to learn design.

You are invited to the second of three sessions of our sandbox-style facilitated sessions on the basics of Figma. Our project is a one-page prototype.

In these three sessions, depending on how the interactivity goes and the present skill levels of participants, we will cover:
* An overview of how Figma works and how it’s used
* Basics
* Variants
* Prototyping.
* Five pro tips at the end of each session.

Each session is designed to stand on its own so you can attend any or all of them. These are not straight presentations, but rather these sessions are facilitated with interactive designer and mentor Adrienne Palmer.

A little bit about Adrienne Palmer:
Adrienne Palmer designs products for internal applications for employees so they can work faster and happier, not harder. In design for about 20 years, her full-range work is found at startups and Fortune 500 companies alike. Most recently, she consults for Dell in Austin, TX, as Senior UX Product Designer from her home. When she isn’t navigating the outer edges of what’s possible in digital, she is curled up with a nice hardcopy real book or walking her very real and all too quirky dog.

Monday, April 19, at 6 p.m. CST online. Zoom link is available on the Meetup event page before the event.