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Adrienne Palmer
Fortune Alboher


Introducing UX Sandbox

A few months back, Adrienne Palmer and James Curry led a design systems workshop series for UXSA. The first session was a typical presentation-style event, and the second one as well, until Palmer suggested everybody hop onto the screen together. And the sandbox method was born.

“Sandbox” is a word in the tech world that is used to describe a version of a website that isn’t public-facing on the Internet, but is where practice or creative exploration can happen. It’s a creative space where one can get messy, hands-on creative, and learn.

We introduce our sandbox method of workshopping and training so others can benefit from the idea we found made the event more fun for all involved! Fortune Alboher attended the Figma 101 series where we used the sandbox method and joins Palmer for this event.

See event page for more info.

Thursday, May 13 at 6:30 p.m. CST online. Zoom link is available on the Meetup event page before the event.